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E-Mail Preferences
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Last modified on 3/22/2018 1:24 PM by User.

E-Mail Preferences

OASIS is able to generate and send email to save you time. There are several connectors in OASIS to choose from.


To open the Email Connector click on File->Preferences from the OASIS Home screen. (Must be on release W507 or later)

Microsoft Outlook Connector

For Outlook 2010 and later, simply select Microsoft Outlook on Windows and click Save. For older versions of Outlook, you will need to click the Install Redemption button. Redemption is a plugin that allows communication between Oasis and older versions of Outlook. When you click this button, you might receive a popup saying the Redemption DLL file was registered successfully. If you receive an error, close Oasis and Shift+Right Click the Oasis icon and select Run as Administrator, then try to click the Install Redemption button again.

Microsoft Exchange

If you have an Exchange server (version 2007 or later), you can connect directly through it to send email.

You will need the direct link to the "Exchange Web Services" (EWS) on your server. Usually this is in the following format:

Replace "" with your email server name/domain. "" in not a valid server address.

If you are using Outlook 365 you can use  as the server address.

SMTP Connector

Select SMTP for email providers such as Gmail. You will need to find the SMTP server and port information from your email provider. TLS and SSL encryption is available for this connector.

Note: For Gmail you will need to change your Google Account settings to allow "non-secure apps" to connect. While OASIS is secure, it is being treated as an unknown 3rd party program.  Also, the 2-step verification will need to be turned off for OASIS to be allowed to send emails through your gmail account.

Default Email Client Connector

The Registered EML Application connector will use whatever email program is registered to handle .eml files.

Mozilla Thunderbird Connector

The Mozilla Thunderbird connector will use Thunderbird to handle the email. 

MAPI Connector

The MAPI connector will use the default email client on your computer.

Old Default Email Client Connector

This is the email connector from W506 and before. It will be phased out eventually.


OASIS will automatically add a signature to emails sent from OASIS. To support different email clients and to avoid being labeled as "SPAM", no formatting is allowed on the signature.

To set up a signature, just enter the text you would like to show on the email. Please note that formatting (trying to align characters) is not supported.