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Optimize OASIS!
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Optimize OASIS!


Optimize OASIS! is used to validate the installation and configuration of OASIS. The results are mostly specific to the workstation, but some server and user specific features are correct.

How to run

To run Optimize OASIS!, select the "Help" menu, then "Optimize OASIS". The screen may take a minute to show:

Data is displayed in three columns:

  1. The name of the test and a short description are presented for the user.
  2. The results of the test are show with one of the following symbols.
    • Good - no action is required
    • Fail- action strongly recommended
    • Action - action suggested. OASIS will work properly but features may not be active
    • Unknown - the condition of OASIS is not known. Please contact Ingen Software.
  3. A help link may be active to activate a help document on the support site. Also active may be a link to quickly display the screen to fix the problem (not available for all conditions).