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V11 ASA Driver
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Last modified on 9/7/2016 1:47 PM by User.


V11 ASA Driver



OASIS mysteriously disappears - sometimes without any user action. (This is not related to OASIS disappearing while printing.)


The V9 database driver that ships with all versions of OASIS (old and new) has recently been found to have problems with dual core processors found on most computers today. The resolution is to switch the driver (not the database) to the new V11 driver from Sybase. The update is relatively simple. The other option is to switch to the Sybase driver described in the Database Connection article. The Sybase driver is slightly slower, but is not affected by this problem.



This process must be repeated on each affected workstation (this is not a server or global setting).

First, log out of OASIS on the local workstation. Then download and "Open" (Save File, or Run - depending on the browser) the following link:

You may be presented with a security warning - select "Run":

For most users, just select "Unzip".

Next, you need to "delete" the .oasis folder. To find the folder, open the "local disc c:" drive on your computer. For Windows XP, the next folder name will be "Documents and Settings". For Windows Vista, the next folder will be "Users" (as shown). Then select your user login name:

Locate and highlight the .oasis folder. The press the "delete" key.

Log into OASIS.

One way to validate the new driver is working is to run Optimize OASIS! to ensure the driver is running properly: