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Using the Find feature in Proj…
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Last modified on 5/29/2018 9:51 AM by User.


Using the Find feature in Projects

Table of Contents
  1. General
  2. Filter
  3. Bid Board


When looking for a specific project there is a find feature to help search for it. In the top right corner of every category, there are a pair of binoculars that bring up a search bar. 

Once your search tab expands, enter the project name that you are looking for

Once you hit "go", it will go through all of the projects to find the one being searched. 



If you are searching for a specific project, but only want to show active, show, or your projects only, you would need to use the filter feature. 

Bid Board

By selecting My Bids, Workgroup Bids, or All Bids, you will able to access these quickly.