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Followups Tab

The follow ups tab is used for adding notes to the job, mentioning phone conversations and any detailed (soft) information about the job. These notes may be customer specific or general notes about the job. OASIS tracks these notes in chronological order so that users can view any information related to the job in one place. Follow ups replaces “post it” notes, keeps track of specifiers “committed” to us, assigns jobs to follow closely, and tracks when a job is submitted. Use the Follow ups tab to replace the clutter in your manila job folder. 

Adding General Notes to the Phase/Job

The "By Date" tab will show all general and customer specific notes in chronological order. Users can add general notes by typing them in at the bottom of the screen and clicking the "Add" Button. 

Adding Customer Specific Notes to Phase/Job

Go to the "Customer Tips" tab all of the specifiers appearing on the general tab and customers appearing on the customer tab will be shown on this tab.  Locate the customer you wish to add a note for and click on the "Add Notes" link.

OASIS will bring up the "Add Customer Tip" box. Type in the message and select or add the contact spoken with.  Additionally, users can change the person who reported the comments by changing the drop down at the top of the box. 

These notes also appear on the Attachments tab and can be shown on Quote Listing, Project Status and Customer Followup reports. 

Follow Ups Tab Fields

Field Description
Committed Is the customer committed to your company getting the job? Click on link to change to committed
Followed By Assign a task to an OASIS user.  This task will appear on their home screen. 
Submitted Information from the OASIS generated submittal. It will identify the date the submittal was created and who it was addressed to. Users can manually add that information as well as the returned on date by clicking on the link.