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Repricing Tool
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Repricing Tool



Many of our users have started seriously using price lists with OASIS. It is a great timesaver, increases pricing accuracy and really helps protect the company from their customers “shopping” the staff for the “best price”.  With this new feature, the price lists in OASIS may be used to update the pricing on an old quote.

NOTE: OBase and the commission columns are only avaialable in the rep version of OASIS.

By Example

Consider the following old quote (notice the red coloring on the quote – showing the price is below what OASIS would normally price the item):



From the tools menu, select “Reprice”:


Select whether or not to use customer specific pricing. Then select the columns to be updated. If any items cannot be repriced, then the factory related to the item is displayed in the window:


Using the active price lists for the manufacturer, the items are repriced:


(The pricing now shows “green” to indicate that the price is at or above the price in the OASIS price list.)

How it Works

The pricing method is identical to the standard OASIS auto pricing system – with a few extra features. (The auto pricing system is the one that adds a price to the quote when a catalog number is keyed on the quote – it also shows the drop down list of matching catalog numbers).

There are two methods for selecting prices: Project pricing or Customer pricing (the repricing tool is currently the only method to use customer pricing in a project):

  • Project pricing – uses pricing from the main window of the OASIS price list editor
  • Customer pricing – uses the first of:
    • Any matching entries for the customer from the “Price Exceptions” of the OASIS price list editor
    • Scans the level the customer is assigned to from the main window of the OASIS price list editor
    • And defaults to project pricing.

What is really nice is that the tool may be utilized to update any one or all price columns of the quote.

If a line has an entry in the MFG Quote column (a factory quote number), then the line will not be updated. You will receive the following warning: One or more lines have manufacturer quote numbers - these lines were not updated.

Please keep in mind that if any the Sell, L1, L2 or L3 columns are updated then the related formula will be cleared. Here are some nice uses for the reprice tool:

Updating an Old Quote

If the OASIS price lists are kept up-to-date, then re-quoting an expired quote is quite easy. Simply open the quote, select the cost columns (Book, OBase, Base, Cost), the sell column and press “Ok”. Note: if you use formulas to mark up from one column to another, then it may not make sense to select the Sell or level columns.

Re-Costing a Quote

What happens when there is a price change with a factory? What if you just committed a price to the customer? Try this:

  • Select the cost columns (Book, Obase,  and base)
  • Select “Always clear pricing”