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Small Project Development


Ingen Software defines a project of 100 billable hours or less to be a “small project”.  The advantages of the small project include:

  • Software is crafted to the user’s needs
  • Limitations are created within OASIS to help us support thousands of users. The limitations may be worked around
  • A cost estimate is provided before the work begins
  • The cost is typically a few thousand dollars. Larger projects may require a 50% deposit.


To request Small Project development

  1. Locate a similar feature in OASIS to reference (e.g. on the OASIS order screen we would like to ....)
  2. Develop a brief description of the business problem being addressed.
  3. Briefly describe the feature to be implemented

What to expect

THIS IS AN ENGINEERING PROBLEM. Responses to requests are not returned immediately. Development does not begin immediately. First, our developers are often working on multiple projects at one time. Also, each request is not treated as a simple modification. In many cases, the developer must do some research before responding to the request.

When the request is “signed off” by the client and Ingen Software, development will begin when a programmer is available. Using the specification, a project manager and programmer will work together to deliver as specified. In some cases, system limitations may not allow the programmer to complete the task as specified.  If this occurs, you will be contacted to adjust the specification or drop the request.

When the code is complete, you will be added to the BETA software downloads for OASIS. Your customizations to OASIS will be added to our software deployment server and automatically downloaded with the next OASIS update (only you receive the update – no other users will receive your customization). You will be contacted to review the customizations with the project manager. The project manager will work with the programmer on any adjustments to the customization.

Billing terms may vary, but most bill 30 days after you are sent the initial download.  Long running projects will bill monthly. Sales tax may apply. 

How long will it take? Remember, this is an engineering problem and the project manager and the programmer are not solely dedicated to your development effort – they will likely be working on other projects. You will be given an estimate of time to completion, but this is no guarantee.  Problems may arise requiring the development team to work around a limitation in OASIS or other software.


 Quick Notes

RequestSend request to
ReviewPlease give two weeks for the review. The more information provided the faster we are able to process the request. In most cases, we will have to review the request with you to ensure we fully understand the code to be developed.
CostThe minimum charge for custom software development is $1,000. An estimate of the cost will be provided as part of the contract. You will be contacted if the cost will be larger than what was expected. Some projects do require a 50% non-refundable deposit to begin work.
ContractYou will be sent:
 - Contract for software development
 - A description of the work to be done
 - Costs and billing terms
 - Optionally a non-disclosure agreement

All agreements must be signed and returned by fax, mail or scanned email before work begins.
SchedulingThis is an engineering problem requiring design and development - each project takes a different amount of time. Additionally, a developer must be allocated to your request. Development work is seasonal and it may take time for a developer to be free to work the request. You will be notified weekly of the project status.
DeploymentThe custom software will automatically download to your system. A project manager will contact you to review the feature and work with the programmer to make any MINOR modifications.

Major modifications to the code may require an adjustment to the contract and will increase the cost.
Billing terms will be part of the contract and is typically 30 days after the code is downloaded or monthly for long running projects.
MaintenanceYou will not be charged maintenance for the custom software changes. We do not guarantee the software will be compatible with future versions of OASIS. You are responsible for the cost of any modifications to the custom software - including modifications to the custom software needed to make the software compliant with new versions of OASIS.