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Request a form change


All documents and reports in OASIS may be adapted. In many cases, users need a report that is “almost like” one already in OASIS. In these cases, it might be possible to use an OASIS XML document to adjust the look of the report to meet the user’s needs.

There are limitations. The XML document is only able to reformat data already presented by the report. In some cases, fields not shown on the report are available – but there is no guarantee. If the report can not be implemented with a simple XML document change, you will not be charged.


To request an XML document change

  1. Try to find an existing report in OASIS that performs most of what you need. The key here is we need to understand the business problem you are trying to address.
  2. (Required) Create an example of the form changes in a spreadsheet application or fax us a marked up copy of a form you are familiar with (501-843-0354).
  3. (Required) Provide a basic description of the columns and calculations on the report (don't forget various totals or sorts/filters you may require).
  4. Export your workgroup as it will contain any existing form changes we may not be aware of.
  5. Send the request to

What to expect

THIS IS AN ENGINEERING PROBLEM. Responses to requests are not returned immediately. Development does not begin immediately. First, our developers are often working on multiple projects at one time. Also, each request is not treated as a simple modification. In many cases, the developer must do some research before responding to the request.

When the request is “signed off” by the client and Ingen Software, development will begin when a programmer is available. Using the specification, a project manager and programmer will work together to deliver as specified. In some cases, system limitations may not allow the programmer to complete the task as specified.  If this occurs, you will be contacted to adjust the specification, drop the request, or move to full custom development (small project).

When the document is coded, you will receive an example and a file ending in .xml with instructions on how to add to your system. Run a test as soon as possible. Minor modifications to the report will be reviewed and considered as part of the specification – but this is only within 7 days of being sent the .xml file.

30 days after the .xml file is sent, you will be billed for the custom form. Sales tax may apply.


Quick Notes

RequestSend request to
ReviewPlease give 10 working days for the review. The more information provided the faster we are able to process the request.
CostForm changes are a minimum of $200. A final estimate will be provided as part of the response to the request.
You will not be charged if the form change request can not be implemented. Costs for the agreed upon form changes are protected (they will not go up).  Specification changes after the inital agreement will increase the cost. 
ContractYou will be sent a description of the work to be performed and the cost. You will need to sign and return the description of work before development begins. Changes may not be accepted after this time. You will be charged for the development.
SchedulingDifferent form changes take varying amounts of time to develop. Additionally, a developer must be allocated to your request. Development work is seasonal and it may take time for a developer to be free to work the request. A rough time to completion will be given as part of the description of work. 
DeploymentWhen develoment is complete, you will be sent a file with the suffix .XML with instructions on how to install. It is recommended that you review the report promptly and report any minor variance to what is needed. Developers are often moved to other projects and minor modifications are completed more quickly if reported within 2 business days.
BillingBilling is 30 days after the form is deployed.
MaintenanceYou will not be charged maintenance for the custom form changes. We do not guarentee the form change will work with future versions of OASIS. You are responsible for the cost of any modifications to the custom form - including modifications to make the form compliant with new versions of OASIS.