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Manufacturer Cut Sheets That Will Not Work in OASIS


The ability to create and learn submittal packages within OASIS is one of our best features. However, sometimes getting the PDF cut sheets into OASIS can be a headache. Each manufacturer creates their cut sheets differently, and while OASIS is able to accommodate for most types of PDFs, there are those that will not import into OASIS correctly due to several possible reasons. Some PDF files have complex color schemes, like mixed RGB/CMYK modes. Some have unknown objects embedded into the file, or encryption to protect the file. Others are missing embedded fonts. Most users don’t run into the problem until they need the PDF for a submittal in progress, which brings them down to a time crunch. Several have asked, “How can I fix the PDF myself?” This document offers options that we have found that help change the PDF file enough that it can be used in OASIS.


There are several ways to attempt to “fix” a PDF file yourself to import into OASIS. These suggestions involve 3rd party software. We do not provide support for these programs, nor can we offer any guarantee that they will work for your scenario. Please contact the 3rd party's customer support for any trouble shooting problems you may have with them.

For any OASIS related questions please contact OASIS Support at 501-843-6750.

Encrypted PDF Files

We have found a third party program called PDF Password Remover that works well for removing the encryption from a PDF.  This will get rid of any encryption on a PDF that does not require a password to open the file.

You can find more information on the program at

Known manufacturers with cut sheet issues

  • OCL Architectural Lighting - Use "print as image" process as mentioned below
  • Solavanti - Use "print as image" process mentioned below

For Other PDF Errors

Some PDF files have embedded objects and complex color schemes. Through our own testing with OASIS and PDF files, we have found one way that works about 80% of the time in making the PDFs usable for OASIS.  Users will need either Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Reader for the following solution. For more information on how to get Adobe Acrobat, go to

Using Adobe Acrobat

We suggest using Adobe Acrobat to "print as image". If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Professional, the Adobe PDF Printer is included as a "printer" to select. If you only have Adobe Acrobat Reader (which does not include the Adobe PDF Printer), you can use a 3rd party PDF printer instead. There are some free options available, such as CutePDF and Bullzip PDF Printer. Consult your IT personnel for suggestions on which PDF printer is right for you.

Printing as an Image

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, then go to File > Print.

When the Print dialog box opens, select Adobe PDF or another 3rd party PDF printer.

Click the Properties button for your printer. Look through the settings for the Quality setting. (Its location will vary by vendor.) Make sure the quality setting is not over 300 dpi. Then click OK.

Click on the Advanced button, usually located at the bottom of the Print dialog box. This will open the advanced print setup window.

Make sure that “Print as image” is checked.

Click OK to save your settings. (Typically, you only have to do this setup once and the settings will be saved for the next time you select Adobe PDF or another PDF printer. )

Next, click Print from the main Print dialogue. When printing the file back to PDF you will be prompted for a save location. If you want to use the same file name, you’ll want to save the file to a different directory than the original PDF. Otherwise, you’ll need to input a name that is different from the original PDF in order to save the file.

Once saved, import the printed file into OASIS normally by dragging and dropping. The cut sheet should be usable now.