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How to Update in 2.7?
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Last modified on 2/8/2016 1:51 PM by User.


How to Update in 2.7?

New With 2.7 you can manage your updates from the Configuration Software section in OASIS!

To receive a new update of OASIS just go to the Configuration section and click on software.
Then click on the File menu and Select "Configure Software Version"

You will get a Configure Software version window that pops up.
Now the first time after using 2.7 the Deploy Version will be blank.  So just click on the Configure tab and click on the "Receive Update" button.



You will get a windows balloon in the corner of your screen when it is complete.




Now with the new update downloaded you will need to select it to deploy to all of your work stations.
Go back to the Configure Software Version Window, and on the Deploy Version Tab select the update that you wish to deploy.  All users currently in the system will receive the update the next time they login.

If at any time you need to revert back to an older version, the process is the same, just select one of the older versions previously downloaded and everyone will be updated to that the next time they login.