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Creating a Submittal
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Creating a Submittal

French Version - Créant une Soumission



The first feature created for OASIS was the submittal piece. Users wanted the ability to store cut sheets for each manufacturer they represented and be able to recall these sheets when a submittal was requested. They also wanted the ability for a user to highlight, draw, and edit the sheets. They wanted to complete the process in a professional manner by adding a cover sheet and/or transmittal letter to the submittal. The submittal feature also needed several ways to be transmitted, whether it be by print, email or by burning the file on to media. All of this is now available in OASIS. In Version 2.7, we have brought these new features to the next level. The submittal piece is now better than ever in version 2. This page will walk you through creating a submittal, these instructions assume you have PDF sheets from manufacturers loaded into OASIS. If not, click Here.


Here’s how:

Once you have a Bill of Materials – Quote/Bid (can also be done in Orders)


Go to “File”, then “New”, then “New Submittal Like”.


The Create Submittals window appears. (shown below)

  • All of the items on your Bill of Material will appear and are, by default, checked.
  • Uncheck the parts (cut sheets) that you don’t want on your Submittal (if any).
  • Other options available in the header area – check as needed from the Bill of Materials.



Next, hit “Create”. OASIS will search your catalogs for a part number matching your entry or an approximate match. It may take several seconds (depending on how many line items you have) as OASIS tries to find cut sheets matching the part numbers on your Bill of Materials.


The Submittal Editor window will appear. As shown below, OASIS did not find any cut sheets partially or closely matching this part number. If it had found a cut sheet closely matching your part number it would have brought in the cut sheet and it would have appeared marked "unviewed". For the lines where no image was found, we will need to go to the catalog and find an image (cut sheet).


Find the Manufacturer needed and click the name, then catalog (single click), then section (single click) to find the cut sheet you need. Click the set (as shown), then drag and drop it on to “Drop Here” box of the submittal editor. All pages in the set will be dropped in. Repeat this for all lines needed.




When the pages will be yellow meaning they are ready for modifying and highlighting as needed.

NOTES – Pages may be dragged & dropped individually by dragging a single page. Unnecessary pages can be removed by clicking the [X] in the top right corner of the page. The Viewed/Unviewed mark can be toggled by clicking the [m].


Example 1 – submittal set may be 10 pages long and you only need 2 of the 10 pages

Example 2 – users needs a ballast page from another mfg added to the end of the two pages of the fixture sheet(s)

Single click on the first yellow cut sheet to be modified. The page will come up as shown below.


Drawing highlighted boxes, arrows, ovals and adding text

  • Click on the Yellow highlighter button on the toolbar to use the highlighter.
  • Then using the mouse (left button) draw a box on the sheet.
  • If  needed, move the highlight box using the left mouse button to click and drag.
  • To change the size of the box, hold your cursor over any border until you see double arrows and widen as needed.
  • To use arrows, ovals or lines, click the “arrow” option at the top, then use the mouse (left button) to draw.


Adding Text

If text is needed or you wish to change the box, hold the cursor inside the box and double-click. The Highlight Properties window will appear (shown below).


  • In the white text box, type as needed. This can be adjusted as needed.
  • You can also align and change the font as needed.
  • You can also change the characteristics of the highlight box properties, by changing the color of the highlight, transparent or not, change the border width and color of the border or highlight. You can also make these settings your default by clicking the “Save As default” button at the bottom.

Changing highlight colors or borders

After drawing a box, arrow or oval, double-click inside the box to bring up the Highlight Properties window

  • Click the color button to change the color of the highlight
  • Click the Border Color button to change the color of the border. Width - increase or decrease the width (thickness) of the border.
  • Opaque may be used to hide text or any part of the sheet, simply draw box, change highlight color to white, use no border

NOTE: The Highlight Properties is also available as a button on the toolbar

When you are finished highlighting the cut sheet, hit OK at the bottom and it will return to the Submittal Editor. Notice the page is gray now and marked as "viewed" (meaning this cut sheet has been modified and is ready to be “learned” back into the catalog for use the next time this part's cut sheet is recalled.).

Repeat this process for each page of the submittal set until all pages are marked "viewed" or as needed.



Once the pages are gray, OASIS is ready to learn the part configuration matching this cut-sheet set. To do this click the “learn” button in the part number. Clicking "learn" on each line will learn just that line. You can also go to Tools > Learn All to learn everything on the submittal at once.

"Learn All" will open a window letting you know what actions OASIS has taken in remembering these parts. OASIS automatically creates catalog(s) or sections needed to store these learned images.



Hit OK.

If needed, the “Notes” tab can be used for notes on the Transmittal page (and Submittal letter).



The “Attachments” tab works the same as other parts of the application.

You should be ready to print. Go to File, then Print or click the Print icon on the toolbar.

The Print Submittal window appears as shown below:

NOTE - Output has to be to:

  • PDF File
  • Send Message – will attach it as a PDF file


  • Cover Letter – creates a cover letter with your logo, address, dates, specifiers.
  • Transmittal – creates a transmittal letter with items from the Transmittal tab and BOM
  • Submittal Letter – creates letter to specific person with the BOM.
  • Pages - NOTE: Always check the “Pages” box to print your cut sheets.


  • Show Quantities – reveals quantities on the BOM pages
  • Hide Descriptions - Hides line item descriptions
  • Save as Attachment – OASIS automatically saves the Submittal in the Attachments tab of the job, however if you would like OASIS to save a copy of this exact PDF in the Attachments tab, check the box. you will have the opportunity to give the PDF a name when saving.
  • Shop shipping estimates - Will show a shipping estimate only if you have a lead time listed for that manufacturer under the Terms tab, then Freight/Shipping tab under that manufacturer's entry in Oasis.


Next, click the “Transmittal” tab. Check all needed.

  • Select Pages - You can print all pages or print a range.
  • Addressed To - You can also select the customer (plus the contact or person) to print to as well.


Hit OK. OASIS will begin creating your submittal.