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Creating the database and serv…
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Last modified on 6/17/2015 9:48 AM by User.

Creating the database and service

Now that OASIS is installed we will need to create a database and a Windows service to automatically start the database if the server is restarted.

  • Click on the Start button
  • Click on All Programs or All Apps (this example uses Windows 10. Other versions of Windows will be similar.)
  • Click on the OASIS 2.7.3 folder
  • Select ASA Configuration

The Configuration window will appear. 

Click on “File”, then “New Service”.

The Create New ASA Service window will appear. OASIS will supply the name and default location of the database. These defaults are typically fine for most installations. Click OK.

NOTE – please give us a call before changing any item on this screen.

The service registration results will appear. These are for reference and do not need to be written down or saved.Click OK.

The service result should indicate success. Click OK.

The window will refresh and display the service information. 


Click Start and the database service will start.

At this point, the database service is "hands-off". It will automatically stop and restart if Windows is also restarted.