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Installing the Software
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Installing the Software



This document will describe how to use the older OASIS installer that supports the Sybase V9 database. This installer is being phased out in favor of the newer installers that support the Sybase V11 database. If you are installing OASIS on a new workstation or server, please visit this link for more up to date instructions.

Here is how to install:

Use link obtained from OASIS Support to download the file.

The “File Download” window will appear. Click on Save and save it to your Desktop.

Make sure you save it to your desktop or where it can be found easily. Hit Save.

The file may take a minute or so to download.

Once the Download is Complete, close the window

The file will now show on the desktop. Click on the file to install.

Double-click on the icon.

In the window, “Click Run”.

The “InstallAnywhere” wizard will begin installing OASIS (may take a few seconds)

The “OASIS V2.7” window appears, after reading the Introduction hit Next.

In the next window you have the opportunity to choose the folder to install. Unless prompted by OASIS support, hit Next to take the default folder.

In the next window, it will give you the option of installing OASIS on various types of machines.

  • If you are installing this demo on one machine for testing, then choose “Everything”
  • If you want more than one person on the network to test, then:
    1. On the machine you want to have the database, select “Everything”.
    2. On the other “client” machines select “Workstation”.
    3. Call us before choosing, if needed, and we can help make sure it is installed correctly.

 Below is an explanation of the options(For the Demo version of OASIS use “Everything”):

  • Workstation – use this option to install OASIS on a client machine (Most Common Option)
  • Server – if you are installing the database on a server.
  • Custom – installation peculiar to the machine – call OASIS support.
  • Standalone – can be used for demo, single laptop installations, call us before choosing this option.
  • Everything – this installation may be used in special cases such as Server 2008 and the demo version – call OASIS support

Click the appropriate icon.

Hit Next

This window allows you to select where the icon(s) are to be installed.

Leave the default selection as “In a new Program Group”

Hit Next.

OASIS will begin installing (May take a few seconds)

A window will appear, select Install.

Once the install is complete, the window will indicate you have installed OASIS successfully.