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OASIS License Manager
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Last modified on 11/11/2015 3:00 PM by User.

OASIS License Manager



OASIS is licensed not owned. OASIS is copyright protected by Ingen Software, Inc. Royalties are paid by Ingen Software to other companies on your behalf to comprise an end user system.

Software licenses are a fact of life. What is hard to explain about software – unlike a lighting fixture – is when “one” unit is consumed. In the case of a lighting fixture – one installation and you are done. It is hard to “install” the same lighting fixture at home and at work. Add in the concept of servers and things get pretty complicated with software.

The core reason to count licenses in the first place is due to cost. Ingen Software pays other companies royalties based on software licenses. Contractually, Ingen Software is required to control and manage software licenses for our vendors or we could be sued for copyright infringement with rather stiff penalties (

There really isn’t a good way to count software licenses and is a problem all software companies struggle with. In short, the motivation to comply is both financial and legal/criminal.

Before 2.7

Prior to V2.7, the OASIS license manager could easily be tricked to allow users access to the system without a corresponding license. To ensure Ingen Software would survive a software audit from one of our vendors, these issues have been resolved in V2.7

After 2.7

With V2.7, a new license type has been added: A user license is “consumed” when a user first logs into OASIS. The license is “consumed” for 14 days and is freed after that time. If the user does not login again after 14 days, the licenses is free for another user login

How many do I Have?

If you run out, you will know immediately at login. The license manager will appear asking for a new license file. To check the number of licenses you currently have, select “Configuration” then “Users”. Then select the “Tools” menu then “Show active sessions”:

This tab shows the installed licenses enabling the license holder access to the listed features. An important one is "Standard User" ("ROTATING USER" in older versions) with a count of 10. This allows 10 users to login during a 14 day period.

The sessions "Active" tab shows the currently logged in users and the PC where they are logging in from:

The “Standard in use” tab shows the consumed Standard (Rotating User) licenses, the user consuming the license, and the time the license was last consumed. 14 days after the “Time” column, the rotating license will be free for another user to consume.

Each distinct PC login is still shown on this tab.If the same user name appears on multiple machines, this does not consume an additional license. It merely shows that those login credentials have been used on multiple machines. This can help users identify when someone's credentials are being used improperly.