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Backing Up OASIS
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Backing Up OASIS

NO LONGER RECOMMENDED AS THE PRIMARY BACKUP SOLUTION. Click here for the current setup for auto backups

Other options:

  1. ASA Configuration Utility
  2. OASIS Cloud Backups


This backup document with instructions is designed to assist with those that want to backup OASIS immediately without using a scheduled backup for the 2.6 version of OASIS.
If you are on the 2.7 version of OASIS and looking for how to setup a daily backup schedule, click here.


Backing up OASIS/ Sybase  - Windows XP Users (Vista is similar)

  1. Go to My Computer, then Local Disk C:, create a folder called Backup.
  2. You will NOT have to do Step 1 again anytime.
  3. Close My Computer.
  4. Open OASIS.
  5. Go to Configuration, then Software.
  6. Click on Database Copy.
  7. Leave the Source File screen as is, hit Next.
  8. Target screen - Click on the radio button for Target File.
  9. Then click the (…) box.
  10. The Open box will appear.
  11. Click on dropdown where it says My Documents. Select “Local Disk C:."
  12. Find the file named “Backup” and Click on it once, then hit OK.
  13. Then go down to the File name box and type in “Backup 11-18-04.oasisz” or something to indicate the date of this backup, but make sure you add “.oasisz.”
  14. Then hit Open.
  15. It should drop the file path in the Target File box.
  16. Hit Next.
  17. Check all the boxes except the Manufacturer Catalogs and Images and Manufacturer Part List Data.
  18. Hit Next.
  19. Make sure all the boxes are checked.
  20. Hit Next.
  21. The “Confirm” screen is next, just hit OK.
  22. It should take several minutes depending on the amount of data you have.  The OK button will remain dark until all data is copied. Once it done, the OK button will return to light gray and the Copy Database window will disappear.
  23. Close or minimize OASIS.
  24. Go to My Computer.
  25. Go to Local Disk C:
  26. Find the “Backup” folder. Double-click on it.
  27. Find the file “Backup and today’s date. (ex. Backup 11-18-04) Click on it once to highlight it.

From here you can copy the file to a Flash Drive, DVD, CD or we recommend a external USB drive.