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Basic Inventory»Inventory Setup
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Inventory Setup


Setting Up Inventory

Setting up Inventory requires 4 steps:
1. Setting up user security
2. Setting up stocking manufacturers

3. Setting up the warehouse
4. Receiving items into the warehouse

User security set up
OASIS is set up with user security for access to different applications inside OASIS. All users who will be maintaining or utilizing inventory must be set up with appropriate security rights. A user with administrative access will need to set up each user’s security settings. User settings may be accessed through the users section of the Configuration application.


Security settings for inventory can be found on the security tab of the User Editor.

If you need to limit access to inventory here are what the different rights will allow the user to do:
• Create – Create receipts
• Read – read inventory items receipts, picks, etc.
• Update – complete picks and receipts
• Delete – delete transactions (picks and receipts) from inventory
• View All – No Application in Basic Version
• Reports – run all inventory reports
• Admin – unlimited access to the inventory section, including altering stock information


Manufacturer set up
A user with administrative access to the Manufacturers application will need to set the stocking flag on the
local warehouse section of the Warehouse’s tab.

• Consigned — Manufacturers that will be stocked in consignment must have “stocked at agency” checked.
• Resell — Manufacturer setup is identical to that for consigned inventory with one additional step. If the manufacturer is to be stocked in the resell warehouse the “For Resell” box should also be checked.  Additionally, the manufacturer must be configured for “Resell Ok” or/and “Resell Only” on the General Tab of the Manufacturer Editor.

Creation of warehouse
Existing warehouse information will be maintained from previous versions. They will appear in the same
 editor but the stock will be contained on separate tabs. To create your warehouse enter the Inventory piece and select "Edit Warehouse" from the search bar.

Users will see the following:

Each of the inventory types will be contained on a separate tab of the warehouse editor. General information about the warehouse is contained on the general tab. Items stocked in consigned are stored on the consigned tab and resell items are stored on the resell tab.


Global Settings

From the configuration menu, you can select resell orders to create from your consignment warehouse.