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Last modified on 3/6/2013 10:23 AM by User.


Manually adding a hot-sheet (merging price lists)

NOTE: This feature has been removed due to changes in the way pricing works in Oasis. There is currently no method of doing this in OASIS. This ability may be re-implemented at a later date.

Adding a hot-sheet to an existing price list

Larger manufacturers often provide a standard price list for all their agents. Additionally, the provide a “hot sheet” for special territory pricing for an individual agency. The hot sheet does not re-price every item, but only selected items.

OASIS will only work from one price list at a time. To utilize a standard price list from the manufacturer and a “hot sheet”, the two must be merged together. It is possible to do this by loading both price lists into OASIS, and then using the “Compare Lists” tool to review and merge the changes. Here are the steps:

  1. Add the standard price sheet to OASIS
  2. Add the hot sheet to OASIS
  3. Select “Tools” and then “Compare Lists” to create a final price sheet by merging the fist two,
  4. (Optionally, delete the original standard and hot sheet lists, as they are not needed once you have a merged list.)
  5. Make the new list active.



Standard Pricing example:

Hot Sheet example (note: not all items have pricing)


Merging the hot sheet:

First, select the standard list by clicking on “This” and selecting the standard pricing. Click on “Other” and select the hot sheet. Then, set the field mapping by clearing the "other" column for book, level 1 and level 2. (In the example, these fields contain the standard pricing for the items. Therefore, you will want to add blanks so pricing isn't replaced on those levels.) Finally, map Level 1 of the Hot Sheet to Level 3 of the Standard pricing file.

Now click on the “Create New List” button and name the new list:

The result is shown below: (Please note that we had to add the price 3 and comm. 3 columns through File > Preferences to the new list so the new pricing would be visible.)

Once this is done, you will need to go to the Level names tab and set up your Quote Path and Order Path to reflect the additional pricing level.