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Last modified on 9/23/2014 11:46 AM by User.

Specification Registration in OASIS


Registration of lighting specifications is a must for any agency hoping to gain credit for out of territory jobs. This also helps the manufacturers and local agents maintain and profit from the job specification.

OASIS helps identify the specification through a standard form generated from data already in OASIS and provides the agency with tools to monitor registered specifications (e.g. to follow up with manufacturers and other agents).

Starting the Project

The project begins and is quoted as usual. This includes all the standard OASIS project features including:

  • Pricing
  • Request for quotes
  • Budget and later bidding cycles
  • Follow up reports
  • Submittals
  • And others…

 Once the project moves toward the construction phase, the project must be registered with the various manufacturers. Before OASIS enables these features, one must select “For ‘Spec Registration’” on the general tab of the project.

While in the bid details, one might consider listing alternate (competing) material likely to be used in place of what was specified. The columns “ALT MFG” and “ALT PART” may be turned on for the project:

Registering the Project

To ensure proper credit for the project, the manufacturer must be notified. The OASIS spec registration form contains information required by most manufacturers to track specification credits. Additionally, the form may be sent to the local rep agency to track bootleg and cherry picking.

On the “MFG Summary” screen of the phase, splits for each manufacturer may be established. Start by clicking on the name of one of the manufacturer, then click on “Splits” on the line for them. If all splits will be the same, you can use the Splits button at the top of the tab.

 Simply enter the credit the agency will receive and press “Ok”. This information will be copied into new orders created from the project (see below when applying invoices):

(Also ensure the general tab of the phase identifies the internal commission account splits to be used. Inter-Agency splits, internal commission accounts and specifier information is copied to all orders and invoices associated with the project.)

 Once the “For ‘Spec Registration’” function is enabled on the general tab of the phase, a new print option appears for “Specification Registration”:

Select one or more manufacturers to send to a single contact (e.g. multiple brands for the same conglomerate) and click Next:

Next, type the contact to address the document to and any special instructions:


Push “Print” to generate:

Applying Invoices

While applying invoices, the “Create Matching PO” (F3 hotkey) may be used to create a PO related to the order “on the fly”. Otherwise, the option is under Tools > Create Matching PO. Many manufacturers will note the invoice as having a territory split, but the fact the order is not in OASIS suggests the order is either for “spec credit” or is an EDI order.

When the “Create Matching PO” function is activated, you will be prompted to select a customer from the list. If you have the customer in your system select it. Otherwise, select your "Out of Territory" customer entry instead.

You will be asked if this is an invoice or credit. (This will usually be an invoice.)

Next, a list of active specification jobs is displayed. You can search by project name or by quote number (for example,  "Spec Registration Example" or "#17"). Simply click on the related project to assign the order for later reporting:

Next, review the specification (or other) credit. Any special agreements need to be understood at the time the project is registered, allowing the agency accounting group to ensure proper credit is provided:

You can now enter the invoice number and related information to create the invoice and matching order.

Monitoring the Job

There exists no magic method to ensure the agency receives proper credit for an out of territory job. However, OASIS does offer a report to help manually manage: “Spec Registration Listing”:

By default, only active phases are shown on the “Spec Registration Listing” report. This allows the user to review the report, and then manually inactivate the phase when the agency is not likely to receive any more credit on the job. (Like the quote master report, the “Select” tab may be used to refine the report.)



The report lists total sales and commission both for the final quote, but for all orders entered against the project. Additionally, quote and PO totals are listed by manufacturer to help the user identify problems and when the material for a given manufacturer has shipped complete. Finally, a ratio between quoted and PO totals is shown. 


Once POs and invoices are entered against a spec project, the standard OASIS backlog should be used to ensure the agency is properly paid.

Reporting on Spec Project

For most reports, the “Spec. Registration” check box may be used to include related projects.