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OASIS Pricing and Flash
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Last modified on 4/18/2017 8:19 AM by User.


OASIS Pricing and Flash


OASIS integration with Flash uses the OASIS Dynamic Pricing features. The only difference is the pricing expires in 24 hours, forcing OASIS to check pricing with flash each day.


Once configured, the pricing is automatic. The following "balloon" will appear showing that the setup is complete:

If the item has not been pulled from flash before, the OASIS catalog number drop down may not populate - just give it a minute to negotiate and download information from Flash.

The default pricing for OASIS is to copy the Flash "Target" price to the OASIS OBase column (with commission percentage). The default Quote Path rule in OASIS will be to use the Flash "Min" price as the base and sell in OASIS. This works for many users, but some users may wish to change the Quote Path rule to use "Target" (or even "Max") instead.

Please note that the pricing for quote is the territory price and not a customer price.

Most configurable items will not show in the type ahead.

FUTURE: When a winning customer (or daily quote) is identified, then the customer specific or agency pricing will be used.


Currently, OASIS will attempt to pull customer specific pricing in the following manner.  If an agent is managing their customer specific pricing through the pricing manager in Flash OASIS will pull that price, if it is available.  It is recommended that users only maintain one price list per customer in the pricing manager so that OASIS obtains the correct price.  If there is no price list for a customer, OASIS will pull the minimum price assigned to that customer.  If the pricing managers at Cooper have entered customer specific pricing under the minimum pricing column for that customer that is price that we will receive.  If there is no specific pricing, OASIS will pull agent minimum pricing. 

Coloring of Prices

For Quotes and the price lookup screen, colors are used to indicate whether a price is current, below a known price, or if the pricing in OASIS is out of date:

  • RED: OASIS has a price for an item and the price is not out of date, but it is lower than the price that would be populated automatically in the quote. (Quote Path)
  • ORANGE: the price in OASIS is out of date - an attempt will be made to update the price. NOTE: the price on the quote will not auto update, just the price in the price list will be updated.
  • GREEN: OASIS has a price for the item and is up-to-date. Additionally, the price on the quote is equal to or above the default sell price for the item (the Quote Path price).
  • If no price list is active, or if no end date is setup for the price, then the price will appear as black on a white background.