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Harvesting pricing from Quotes
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Last modified on 7/13/2009 8:50 AM by User.


Harvesting pricing from Quotes


A price list may be generated from scanning data from quotes, creating a new price list.

CAUTION: Using price data in the way without user auditing of the prices could lead to bad prices being quoted later!


Select the manufacturer under the "Pricing" application in OASIS:

Select "New Using Quotes" from the "File" menu, under the "New" sub-menu. The following confirmation appears:

Next, a timeframe must be selected to identify how far back to scan for pricing data in quotes:

When the scan is complete, the price list is displayed. It is common to select "Discover Data" from the "File" menu in the price list to show which pricing columns were filled (in this example, no pricing was found - common if the item is typically quoted with a lot line and the items have no unit pricing).

Whe pressing the "Ok" button, you will be asked to activate the price list. Press "Ok" if the data was audited and appears correct.

How it Works

First, only quote history is scanned for the specified timeframe. Currently, the average sell price (and commission for reps) is determined for each item quoted during the timeframe.