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Estimating Taxes
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Last modified on 7/13/2009 7:07 AM by User.


Estimating Taxes


It is possible to have OASIS estimate taxes when quoting. The feature requires basic setup to identify which customers (or jobs) are exempt and customers that are not exempt. Once configured, quoting taxes is just a print option for the quote.


Before the tax estimate is possible, the following steps must be taken:

  • Define tax accounts. (Tax accounts under configuration.)
  • Configure customers, identifying which tax authority the customer is responsible for. (From the terms tab for the customer.)

From the Quote

On the quote, the only field of interest is the Tax Exemption Code. Typically this field is used to store a code used to identify the project as being "Tax Exempt". Once a value is keyed, the tax estimation feature is disabled. Additionally, the data is copied to the corresponding field on the order.

When printing the quote, the following features are available:

  • Show Total Tax - Show the grand total tax estimate (only if the "Show Grand Total (Lot Net)" is also selected)
  • Show Subtotal Tax - Show tax estimate for each subtotal (only if the "Show Subtotals and Options" is also selected)


Consider the following bill of material

When both the "Estimate total tax" and "Subtotal tax estimate"  features are selected


For V2.7, the tax authority is assigned to the customer. Realistically, the ship-to address should be used to determine the tax authority. This feature will be addressed in a future version of OASIS.