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Data Integrity Service
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Data Integrity Service


Are you backing up your database?  Want to make sure that your database backup is valid?  What would you do if your server crashed?  What if it ran out of disk space?  Think that these events won’t happen to you?  Think again.  Many companies have encountered these problems losing work hours and sales wishing they had made preventative measures.  Don’t be caught off guard.  Let us help you put those fears to rest and your mind at ease with our Data Integrity Service.  It’s an excellent addition to every disaster recovery policy for OASIS users.

Routine Process

Once a signed contract is executed, the customer MUST purchase a USB attached hard drive large enough to contain the active oasis.db and oasis.log file on their server. Addition of the older log files is recommended but not required.

The USB drive is sent once per contract time period (yearly, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly) with a copy of the current database.

When received, Ingen Softare will:

1.       Copy the data to one of our servers

2.       Run a Sybase database integrity check to verify that no “holes” have been created in the database due to viruses, Sybase software errors, operating system errors, other software errors or hardware errors.

3.       Run statistics to determine by day for the previous and current month:
- Count of quotes by create date
- Count of orders by create date
- Count of submittals by create date
- Count of invoices by create date
- Count of inventory picks by create date
- Count of payments by create date

4.       A report of the database health and the statistics will be compiled and sent with the USB to the customer.

5.       The database copy will be retained until the next copy of the database has been confirmed “good”.

Recovery Process – Total Failure

In the event of a database failure – regardless of reason, Ingen Software will have a copy of the database. This opens doors as it is possible to take the “known good” oasis.db file at Ingen Software and combine with any available log files created after the copy was made to the USB drive.

In the event of physical damage to the server – for any reason – the database copy at Ingen Software may be the only option.

Recovery Process – One transaction

Included in the service, Ingen software will mount the customer’s database, extract a transaction from the database for the customer. Excellent if the customer accidentally deletes a transaction for any reason. (Limit one per period as below.)


1.       Ingen Software will only retain one copy of the database. If the data is not available on the copy of the database at Ingen Software, then the data should be considered “unrecoverable”.

2.       Only one recovery per period is included in the service. Each additional transaction recovery will be chargeable per the contract rate. (Recoveries expire at the end of the period – only one “free” recovery per period.)

Business Problems Solved

Offsite Backup / Disaster Recovery / Hardware Failure

Small businesses rarely consider the concept of disaster recovery. However, this process provides world class disaster recovery for OASIS users. Unlike tape backups and other services, we check the database to verify it is good and contains up to date information.

Transaction Recovery

In an ideal world, we would like to say “do not delete”! However, there are reasons to delete obsolete transactions and get them “out of the way”. Use this with care – and with an offsite backup, we can send you the one transaction in the event that should not have been deleted.