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Single Stock order ACE exports…
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Last modified on 6/2/2017 3:29 PM by User.


Single Stock order ACE exports to OASIS

****Setup of OASIS for the AQS is required****

The process below is recommended for stock orders. Project orders should use the process outlined on this page.  Ingen does not have access to AQS and thus can't provide exact details on where export functions are in AQS.

Name the file, but keep the file in the ReleaseExport folder – this is where OASIS looks for ACE releases:

Open OASIS and select the orders application. From the Lithonia menu select “Import ACE Order”:

All ACE exports will show in the import window. Select the order just exported from ACE:


The data is converted into OASIS format first, stored in the order status folder. This allows the user to automatically or manually import the order. During testing, select one order at a time and then in the Tools menu select “Create Matching Transaction”. This will create the PO if not already in OASIS. Otherwise, the order status information is updated on the order – if possible:

If the order does not appear, then OASIS did not have enough information on the order to automatically create or apply the order status information. The order will have to be created or updated manually.