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Importing AQS Quotes into OASI…
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Last modified on 6/5/2017 3:14 PM by User.


Importing AQS Quotes into OASIS

****Setup of OASIS for the AQS is required****

Begin by exporting the quote from AQS. Ingen does not have access to AQS and thus can't provide exact details on where export functions are in AQS.

Keep the exported file in the default QuoteExport folder (C:\lbsbin\QuoteExport) This is where OASIS looks for the export files from AQS.

Look for the “Lithonia” menu in Projects:

The contents of the AQS QuoteExport folder is scanned and shown in the import dialog:

The “Line notes as Internal Notes” feature maps AQS line notes to OASIS internal notes. After the import, the bill of material is added to the selected phase.

Note:  The format and the content of the data that AQS provides is outside Ingen's ability to control.