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How to Setup OASIS for AQS Spe…
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Last modified on 6/2/2017 3:12 PM by User.


How to Setup OASIS for AQS Specialization

The AQS specialization is used to move data between OASIS and the Agile program. This also allows manufacturer codes in OASIS to be mapped to the Agile codes (and back).

Begin by selecting the AQS specialization (General tab of the Manufacturer in question):

Key the code used in Agile for the selected manufacturer.

Select “Default” if the selected brand is to be used anytime an AQS brand is not found in OASIS.

If multiple manufacturer entries are to be used for the different brands, then you will want to also setup the Parent/Child Company relationship for the brands. For the main entry, add all the distributors and related account codes in the “Accounts” tab. This allows OASIS to properly map order status and invoice information to the proper order.