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Attaching a Bid to a Project
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Attaching a Bid to a Project


OASIS has the ability to attach a bid to a Phase/Job. Here are a few scenarios where this may be needed:

  • Some agencies use the quote system along with the Projects application. If a quote has been created from the Quotes application and later needs to be attached to a Phase/Job
  • A quote is being sent from a branch office and may need to be attached to a Phase/Job in your office
  • A quote may be sent from any another agency (using OASIS) and may be attached to your project/job for use or for reference

You will need to remember the Quote Number (Ex. “1234”), you will not need the prefix information.

If the Quote/Bid is in your system, skip to the “Attaching the Bid/Quote” section below

If the quote is coming from a branch office or another agency via email you can download it by using the Database Copy application from the Configuration section then Software folder. For help see the “Moving transactions between 2 or more offices” help sheet.

Attaching the Bid/Quote

Then click the Phase/Job you want to attach it to or create another Phase.

Then go to Tools, then select “Attach Bid to Phase”

The Attach Quote window appears. Enter the Quote Number such as “233”

NOTE – do not use the prefix associated with the quote number

Then hit the Refresh button  and the Quote should appear in the list

Highlight the quote by clicking on it once, then hit OK.

The Quote should now be attached to your Phase/Job as shown below.