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One of the first pieces to the “Home” screen created in OASIS was the Reminder system. Users wanted a way to be reminded about items such as:

  • Reminders to follow-up with customers in the future (example - 2 weeks out)
  • Reminder to call the Architect on Monday
  • Reminder to check for Status updates on an order – check for shipping status on orders
  • Remind others of issues relating to jobs.
  • Example might be the order entry person coverts an order from a quote that was created by a sales/quote person. The commission appears to wrong but the quote person is out of the office. Order Entry person might create a reminder related to the job for the quote person to confirm the commission is correct. The reminder would show on the quote person’s Home screen with a note and a link to the job. Once the commission is confirmed the quote person can reply back to the order entry person via the reminder tool. All this correspondence will be shown in the Attachments tab of the Project/Quote.
  • Notify the entire office of sales meetings, factory personnel visits, etc.
  • Users can also reply to Reminders (similar to an "inter-office" email system)

The Reminder system can do all of these items and more.

There are many ways to create reminders, this document will explain how to create, manage and acknowledge reminders.

 - This Reminder(icon) button is used throughout the system to create a Reminder about anything and in any part of the system - use it!

Home screen

This is the first area to see and create Reminders. Under the Reminders area you will see the Reminder with a brief message and if it is related to a transaction you will see the transaction immediately under the reminder quick linked to the transaction.

To create a Reminder here, click the “New” button  on the toolbar or go to File, then New, then New Reminder.

The Reminder window appears.

Description –  brief message that shows on the Home screen

Notify On or After – date you want to message to appear on yours or others Home screen (defaults to today’s date)

Large text area/box – type the entire message here, 2000+ characters available

Created By – will automatically default to the person who created the reminder, date and whom it is for.

Notify – by default the reminder is set to the person creating the reminder however you can select others, pick several folks or an entire group to be reminded.

To Notify others click on the drop down menu:

Workgroup – select this option and OASIS will put the reminder on everyone in the Workgroup’s Home screen.

Select Users – this option will allow you to select certain persons to remind

  • Click on Select Users
  • Then click OK
  • The list of Users in your Workgroup will appear, using the Control (Ctrl) key, select the users needed
  • Click OK to create the reminder and send to each selected person Home screen.

All – selecting this option will create the reminder for everyone even if you have multiple Workgroups (as long as they are on the same database)


Creating a Reminder in a Transaction (Quote, Order, Submittal, Invoice, etc)

Open the transaction and go to the Attachments tab.

Again, click the “New” button  on the toolbar.

Repeat the process above for creating a reminder.

Once you click OK the reminder will be shown on the user’s Home screen with a quick link to the transaction

NOTE – a copy of the reminder will always show in the Attachments tab of the transaction.


Replying to a Reminder on my Home screen

To reply to a Reminder, open the reminder and click Reply or Renew (may need to widen your window to see)

The Reminder will look similar to a reply in your email program.

  • Type in the message needed.
  • To reply back to the person sending, click on the Notify and Select Users, click OK, select the person from the list, click OK.
  • The person will receive a response from you about this reminder on their Home screen.

NOTE – a copy of all these reminders and responses will always show in the Attachments tab of the transaction.



Any reminders created whether they are on the Home screen or have been acknowledged and removed from the Home screen will show in the Calendar section of OASIS. Click on the Calendar section and select the day. All reminders will show by default. To see only “Unacknowledged” or “Acknowledged” reminders use the drop down menu on the toolbar. Once you have clicked on a day, the Reminders, Quotes and Orders created for that day will show on the right (To only see Reminders, un-check Orders & Quotes on the toolbar)

To Remove a Reminder

In the / or Open the Reminder

Check the Acknowledged box

Click OK. As your screen refreshes that Reminder will disappear.