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User Preferences
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User Preferences


The Preferences section allows each user to ‘personalize’ settings in Oasis on their computer.  On most any screen you can access the Preferences by selecting the File menu.

The Home Screen preferences section offers the most options as seen below:

You can control what transactions display on your Home Screen as well as the Bid Board.

Show Last

Of each of the checkbox items below, how many of the most recent items do I want to see on my Home screen? If you do not want to see any of these items, simply leave the box un-checked.




If you have rights, you can view the PO Totals for the week. the totals run from Sunday through Saturday. Columns and Rows can be arranged to suit user needs.

Other items 


Show Manufacturer and Customer ID's


Check here to use ID’s instead of names – by default OASIS uses names where appropriate 

Show Bid Board

Users can :

  • Entire Bid Board – users can see the entire company’s Bid Board, all jobs bidding
  • My Workgroup – if you have more than one workgroup you can choose only your workgroup’s bids
  • My Bids Only – choose to see only your bids on the Home Screen

Hide Dispute Notes / Hide Disputes


Show product menu drop-downs


Show order status in orders and quotes


The Display tab of the Preferences section offers more options for changing the font, color and look of Oasis.

In the Projects, Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Payments Main Sections you can choose which columns you would like to see and how you want them to sort.

You can also set the column widths and have them saved by opening the Preferences and clicking ‘OK’.


In the Actual Transaction (project, quote, order, etc.) the preferences section allows the user to change columns.  You can add/subtract as needed.

The Options tab gives you Show Totals and Price Lookup settings.