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Generic Connector - PDF
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Last modified on 7/16/2014 8:45 AM by User.


Generic Connector - PDF


OASIS is able to construct and send a PDF file using many of the supported connection types. The file will contain a PDF document as it would look if printed directly from OASIS.


The following document types are implemented

  • Price List Receive – N/A
  • RFQ Send – RFQ print from OASIS - may be customized for the OASIS user.
  • RFQ Receive – N/A
  • New Order Send – New orders as either a commissioned order or as a sales order (no commission information)
  • Order Status Receive – N/A
  • Invoice Receive – N/A
  • Payment receive – N/A
N/A - PDF receive of the noted transfer formats are not supported.