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Generic Connector - HTTP/HTTPS
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Generic Connector - HTTP/HTTPS


HTTP is the protocol used by all websites. The protocol is implemented on most servers and is easy to setup. However, data communication using HTTP essentially means a static file stored on a website or a custom program (e.g. cgi, asp, jsp, etc.) to respond to requests by OASIS.

HTTPS is a secure socket implementaion of HTTP, allowing the data being sent across the Internet to be encrypted.

Connection String

    format : http://host/path
    format : https://host/path

http - constant, required for basic http
https - constant, required for http using secure sockets
host - remote host OASIS will connect to
path - path to file or web service (custom program)

Implementation Notes

The generic connector will respond to authentication requests by the server. However, OASIS will not store session cookies. Both send and receive protocols are supported. Receive is essentially a basic HTTP get and may be implemented using a static file on the website.

Sending using HTTP is a little more complicated. For an implementation to receive data being sent by OASIS using HTTP, the website must first containg a custom pice of software (and application) to receive and process the information (unlike FTP, HTTP is not a file storage/tranfer protocol). OASIS uses a basic HTTP post to move the data to the server and the data being sent is identified by the format of the connect string.

Responses from the server when OASIS is sending using the HTTP protocol are ignored at this time.