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Item Location Report
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Item Location Report



The PLU (Price Lookup) section contains a unique report that allows a user show all jobs containing a certain part number. A common use for this report would be, a customer wants to see a certain fixture or other lighting piece installed at a location so they can view. This report will give you a list of a certain part number, locations, job names, customers/contractors involved and more.


How to run 

  • Go to Price Lookup section
  • Select the Manufacturer from the drop down menu.
  • Type in the part number (OASIS accounts for dashes, slashes, spaces, etc)
  • Click on the part
  • Then go to Report, select Item Location Report


  • Set the “Output to;” as needed.
  • Click Print


  • Or you can use any part (beginning with) of a catalog number as shown below. This will cause the report to show all part/cat numbers beginning with 4RT.


The report will look similar to the one below and maybe printed, email, etc.