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Sending Email from Attachments
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Sending Email from Attachments


This document shows new features available when sending emails from attachments in V2.7 (and later).

Creating the Message

Select the attachments tab of any transaction (a PO is shown in the image below), and press the “ E-Mail ” button:

From the Send Message window, key a subject, to and message and press "Send" button:



Send message has the following features

Subject - message subject
To: Use information in OASIS or manually key an email or fax number
Attachments: Select Attachments
Main Panel: Key a message
Variable and Clipboard: Select "variables" that expand when the message is sent and save text (templates) for quick retrieval.



The subject line in Send message has an extra feature, allowing for a single party on the transaction (e.g. an order) to be selected from a list:

The default subjects and "to" addresses are selected automatically by OASIS. When the [^] symbol appears beside the subject line, it may be clicked on to quickly change the subject and addressed to.



The To address may be identified by selecting from data in OASIS. This is done by clicking on the "..." to the right of the "To" field. Select an entry from OASIS. When pressing the "Send" button, OASIS will check to see if the required information is available (e.g. if sending an email, an email address is required and an error will be presented if an email address is not available for any selected contact). When sending an email, an email address may be keyed manually. The CC: and BCC: fields operate similarly. Multiple addresses may be keyed by typing a semicolon between each address or contact in OASIS.



Attachments may be added to any email. Press "Add Attachments ..." Under the Attachments label. By default, the attachments in the corresponding OASIS transaction are shown and may be selected:

Pressing the "Select File" button allows for any file stored on the local PC to be added to the message:


Main Panel

Because OASIS interacts with different message technologies, no formatting is allowed in the message at this time.


Variable and Clipboard:

It is possible to create stored text and save it as a template (see the template Wiki for more information). Additionally, special variables may be used that are "expanded" when the message is sent. This allows for special text to be used by multiple users (e.g. a greeting) or for multiple customers (to personalize the message):

When selecting one of the items, a "variable" will be added to the message. For example: when "CompanyName" is selected, the following text is added to the message:


This text will convert to the addressed company (in the "To" field) when the message is sent.