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Copy User Settings
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Last modified on 2/8/2016 9:12 AM by User.


Copy User Settings

This feature helps manage user settings by copying preferences and/or security settings. Using this feature, user security settings and/or preferences can be copied to multiple users at once. For example, using a quotes user as a template, new quoters can quickly and easily be set to have identical security rights as an existing quoter. 


1. Select the user application in OASIS:

2. Highlight users to receive the new security and/or preferences.

3. Select the "Copy User Settings" feature under the File menu.

4. Select user to copy the settings from and select whether you are copying security settings, preferences, or both. (In this example, we are only copying security settings.)

Note: If the target user is currently logged in, new security settings won't take effect until they log out and log back in.
Note: If the source user is currently logged in, the preferences may not copy for all sections of OASIS. This is because the preferences are saved to the database when the user logs out of OASIS.