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Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions


Agencies needing to place Terms & Conditions on Quotes, Orders, etc. will find OASIS can help by placing these in one area and have them automatically populate or allow choosing to show or not (Quote Terms). For example, Terms & Conditions may be placed on ALL quotes, certain manufacturers or in the Clipboard Notes area and selected without doing any typing saving time and reducing errors. 


Terms & Conditions for ALL quotes 

  • Go to Configuration 
  • Then Workgroup 
  • Double-click to open one 
  • Go to the Terms tab – notice the Quotes and Orders tabs on the right 
  • For Quotes, copy/paste or type in the notes you want to appear on ALL quotes generated from this Workgroup


The next quote generated will have the Terms & Conditions appear at the bottom of the quote. The example print below shows where each of these will appear.

  • For Orders & Invoices – click on the tab and enter notes that apply

Terms & Conditions per Manufacturer 

  • Open a specific manufacturer 
  • Go to the Terms Text tab – notice the tabs to the right – click on Quote Terms


There are also Clipboard Notes that will also store notes to show on a quote.