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Bid Board – Home Screen, Printing, and Displaying

One of the most helpful features in OASIS is the Bid Board. It is used for everything from a quick view to see who is handling the job, to printing the report for a sales meeting. The idea was to have a quick view of jobs bidding so that users can follow them closely. For most groups, not all jobs will need to on the bid board so OASIS makes it simple by just checking a box in the quote. Users can see their own jobs bidding, their workgroup jobs, or the entire company jobs bidding by just a click or two.

Many groups want to show the jobs bidding on the Home screen. Users can see only their jobs bidding or see the entire workgroup or company bid board (on the Home screen, go to File, then Preferences to adjust as needed).

Project Quote (Projects section)

To add a job to the Bid Board from a Project/Phase or Project Quote:

Open the Project/Phase and view the General tab. Click on the "Show on Bid Board" check box, add the current bid date, and choose a project rank if desired. 

Simple Project Quote (Quotes section)

Open the quote. Click on the "Show on Bid Board" check box. Once this box is checked, the job will show on the Bid Board on the Home Screen.

Setting your Expiration Date for Bid Board Items

The quote will show/stay on the bid board until after the expiration date.

This is setup in the Configuration > Settings > Projects and Quotes (Admin User)

NOTE - This is a company wide setting for All Bid Board quotes

To see a list of jobs bidding for display, click the Bid Board button on the Home Screen. Basic information is shown, plus a quick link into the job. Also items will remove themselves based on the expiration setting above.

Bid Board View From Projects

  • Go to Projects
  • Use the Search bar on the right, under the Bid board area, select as needed (see below)
  • All jobs tagged to “Show on Bid Board” will be displayed. You can arrange the columns as needed using File > Preferences.

Bid Board View  - User preferences

Users can also set their preferences to see:

  • Only their jobs bidding
  • Their workgroup only (branch offices)
  • The entire company

To adjust these preferences, go to the Home screen, then go to File > Preferences. Use the check box to "Show Bid Board", then select which bids to see.

Printing the Bid Board

To print the Bid Board:

  • In the Projects screen, go to Reports and select Bid Board
  • The print window will appear, select the desired output and print. Example below.