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Reassigning Sales Responsibili…
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Reassigning Sales Responsibility

Reassigning Sales Responsibility



Staff changes and responsibilities are inevitable over time, it is just business. People retire, change roles, move on and you make new hires. In the Contacts section of OASIS you can easily associate a contact with a new company if they move. If a Sales person is assigned to customers in OASIS, you may want assign accounts from one person to another or to a new hire. There is a feature in OASIS to help with this called Reassigning Sales Responsibility.  


How to: 

  - Go to Customers, then Tools and select “Reassign Sales Assignments” 



In the window: 

 - Reassign from the current sales account to the new sales account 


 - Hit OK 


A window will appear to ensure the change you are making with the sales accounts names. 


Click Yes to make the change.

The Sales Account assigned to the current customers will be changed to the new sales account.