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Crossing Fixtures in OASIS
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Last modified on 12/15/2015 11:34 AM by User.

Crossing Fixtures in OASIS

OASIS uses a “learn as you go” method for crossing fixtures. This document describes how to teach OASIS and how to use the information once the data has been added to the database.

Beginning the Process

The process describes by defining an “Alt Manufacturer” and "Alt Part Number".  (These are alternates from the perspective of the agency, but are actually the “Spec’d” material for the project.) For agencies wishing to add this to the standard quotation process, simply add the “Alt MFG” and “Alt Part” columns to your quote preferences. In a quote go to File, then Preferences and add the two columns. You will need to add the "spec stat" column in order to see if the Alt Part was successful or even approved. 

You will need to enter the "Alt MFG" and "Alt Part" first when initially crossing two products. Then you will need to enter the corresponding part and manufacturer that you have to cross with the alternate part and manufacturer. For your convenience, once you have completed these two steps they will automatically build in the crossover history. 

*Note: You will need to save in order to view the correct crossover history.

Quoting and using the Crossover History

In a quote, the user may manually cross the fixture or use the “Crossover History” (F7 key) feature. Click on Tools and Select "Crossover History”.

In the crossover window:

  • Enter in the brand spec’d (as you know it or entered it previously)
  • Enter the spec'd part number
  • Click the Refresh button 
  • The database will scan for all previous times the ALT MFG and ALT Part have appeared in the database. If the Details box is checked, you will also get information on the project it was previously crossed to as well as the quoter for that project.
  • You will need to enter the Alt MFG and Alt Part then, while one of those lines is selected, click F7 to pull up the crossover history on it. Once you have found a previously crossed over part that you would like to use, double click on the line for it to populate into the project. 

*Note: It will not populate correctly if you select it without having the Alt Part and Alt MFG already entered into the project. 

Spec Status: 

When working with crossover parts you will always want the spec status column present. This column will show you what has been approved/unapproved, and it can also provide information on if this crossover was successful or not. Oasis provides three status automatically(Approved, Prior Approval, VE). However, you can create more as you need them. 

How to manage Spec Status: 

1. Go to the projects view of Oasis

2. Select Configuration 

3. Select the Spec Status Tab 

4. From here, you will be able to add and remove statuses at your convenience 

Crossovers and Layouts



OASIS also has the ability to define different quote screen layouts. This allows OASIS users to quickly reconfigure the quote screen as the status (or business need) changes. Use the File > Preferences menu to set up and define the widths of all the fields and the columns needed for a specific operation (e.g. crossing fixtures). Then select Layout > Save Layout. Provide a task oriented name like “Crossover”.

Changing quote to use the new layout is as easy as selecting the name of the layout under the “Layout” menu.

The advantage of this system is to reduce the number of columns on screen at any time. Once several layouts are defined, the quoter is able to view columns that are useful for the task at hand. (We recommend a basic layout containing commonly used price columns and a crossover layout.) Here is how it works:

  • Create the quote and select the “crossover” layout.
  • Key in the fixture schedule in the Alt MFG and Alt Part columns. Brands represented by the agency will auto populate in the quote “MFG” and “Part” columns.
  • Other items must be crossed. Follow the process above.
  • To price the bill of material, simply select the “pricing” layout.


Note that this system will allow for the same fixture to crossover to different products from different manufacturers. This is normal for many agencies as some manufacturers do have very similar products.

Again – the system will learn as you cross each project!