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OASIS preferences provide users with the ability to customize their view in most OASIS screens. However, having multiple different layouts in projects provides users with the ability to use different layouts for different tasks.

Preferences in Projects (and Quotes)

OASIS preferences are different for every user in most OASIS screens. However, preferences are saved with projects and quotes, allowing the next user to see the same columns as the author (a very important feature to ensure you understand the pricing strategy used previously).

To select the columns to show, select “File” then “Preferences”

Fields with a check mark will be shown on the screen. The higher in the list they are, the more left they will be on the bill of material.

When the “Ok” button is pressed, the columns and the current widths of the columns are saved with the quote. Additionally, the user’s default is updated such that the new defaults will be used next time the user creates a project or quote. If you have any of the frozen check boxes checked they will not save when you save the layout. 


Layouts are simply a preferences saved with a name. When the layout is selected, the preferences are used to display the project. The advantage is that a different layout may be used for different tasks (e.g. crossing fixtures .vs. pricing).

To create a new layout, begin by setting the preferences as required for a task. Then select “Layout” then “Save Layout”:

Key in the name to use for the layout and press “Ok”.

To apply a layout to a project, select “Layout” then the name of the layout to use:


Layouts are very powerful – especially when connected with a task. Here are some ideas on why layouts might be used:

  • Crossover – Setup a layout with “ALT MFG” and “ALT Part” to define and utilize OASIS crossover history.
  • Pricing – Create a pricing layout to switch back to a view best suited to pricing. Some groups create such a layout to standardize what everyone uses while pricing.
  • User Name – Some users create their own layout to quickly view quotes in a format they are familiar with.