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REP "Lines" (basic)
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REP "Lines" (basic)

Previously in OASIS, distributors were required to use the OASIS bid concept or multiple LOT lines with multiple pricing columns to represent bids from sales agencies. The rep line advances the concept by linking material bid by the rep to the price the rep quoted.

Quick Start

Note the bill of material below showing the following:

  • lamps supplied by the distributor
  • three reps covering different portions of the lighting schedule
  • Acme Sales is the preferred package

From the example, the user is able to perform the following functions:

  • define a line on the quote for each rep showing their bid an markup
  • Lamps supplied by the distributor
  • Items supplied by the distributor
  • Items supplied from stock
  • Items supplied by the rep’s manufacturers
  • Which reps are to be used

Once the bid is accepted by the contractor and it is time to purchase the material, use the OASIS “new bid like” feature to work out the brands bid by fixture type.

How it works

Rep Line

Use the “Rep” code to mark the line as representing a sales agency. The name of the agency is supplied with the cost of the package and any markup. These values are not added to the bid unless the material lines on the quote. The name of the rep is used in the MFG column on the rep line.

Material Lines

Lines of material may be associated with the rep line by typing “LOT XXX” where XXX is the name of the related rep. Until one or more material lines are associated with the rep, the rep line is not added to the quote.

Other ideas

Use the internal note column to identify special needs or if the item is to be supplied from stock. This will visually help the user identify “holes” in the lighting package (or other material).

Use the “Part” column for quote numbers and notes.