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Notification and Site Identification Setup


New features in O4 will notify users via email or text. One example will be two factor identification when logging in via a new device. The setup below identifies how these notifications will be delivered to the users.

Email Setup

An email account is recommended for the notifications. An Ingen Software supplied email may be used instead. However, a supplied email account will help in many cases where the email is sent to your customers. 

Once the email account is identified, configure a new user in OASIS for the account. "Notifications" or similar user name is recommended. Setup the user in OASIS with the new email account. (The user will not consume an OASIS license and the account can be disabled.)

Open the global settings by selecting the "Software" application under the "Configuration" section in the OASIS main screen. Then select "Settings" under "Global Preferences". In the screen that appears, select "Web":

Beside "Notification Account", key the account ID for the user created to send notifications.

Site Identification

Currently, the site identification must be configured manually. Over time this will be automated. For now, key the URL sent from OASIS support that identifies your O4 instance in the "base external email" field.