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New Database Options with OASIS

OASIS has "shipped" with SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere for many years. Although the name has changed over the years, the product has remained the best solution for most of our customers. However, some OASIS users have grown in user count, data utilization, and database size. As a result, there is a need for more options for larger OASIS users. 

Sizing the Need

Before considering changing databases, look at the size of the OASIS.db file. If this file is under 500 GB, verify your backup solutions and keep using SQL Anywhere. (Call support if you need help verifying your backups.) There is no need to change.

If this file is between 500 GB and 1 TB, the decision is based more on the number of users and how fast the database is growing. One indicator is the size of the log files (any file in the same directory as the oasis.db file ending with the extension .log), especially if they are on average over 1 GB per log. If there is just one large oasis.log file, call support now - your backups are not running! If these files are consistently over 1 GB and the oasis.db file is larger than 500 GB, you might need to upgrade the database.

If the oasis.db file is over 1 TB, we recommend upgrading the database. SAP SQL Anywhere will work fine with 1 TB and larger databases. However, there will be down time to rebuild the database and backups become more difficult to manage. Any failure of a database of that size will likely result in significant down time for recovery operations, and down time equals missed opportunities.

What if the database is nearing 2 TB? The database is nearly at the supportable limit. No joke - call OASIS support now! We will not support OASIS databases on SQL Anywhere larger than 2 TB.

Saving Money - Archive!

One option to consider is to just archive the database and shrink it to a smaller size. This works for most users, but does require downtime. Additionally, we see the size of the OASIS databases for our larger customers actually growing FASTER each year. This not only is a result of larger attachments being stored in OASIS but also simple more data being stored in the database.

Databases Supported for Use with OASIS

Only the following databases are supported for use with OASIS. Each requires a database key to "unlock" the related drivers and performance tuned queries. Without the key, OASIS will fail to load.

SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere

This is the default database used with OASIS. Performance is excellent for small and mid-sized companies. The required maintenance is near zero and the reliability has been astounding over the past 20 years. With over 800 SQL Anywhere databases deployed, we have few cases where the database software has corrupted the database. Most of the time, software (OS usually), hardware (RAID controllers/drives) or ransomware has caused data loss. We have never had an instance where the entire database has been lost when a backup was available or if all transaction logs were available.

With decades of experience, the OASIS support team directly supports any questions or issues with the database engine. This includes upgrades, faults, or questions associated with the database. In most cases, you just move a file and we help install the software on a new server. Essentially, if the database crashes - call us first!

Oracle 18 SE

We have recently added support for Oracle 18 Standard Edition. We have found that Oracle is a step up in performance while having many of the other features we like about SQL Anywhere. This allows our support team to directly support Oracle the same way. But the biggest reason is Oracle databases are able to grow well over 20 TB while providing better options for backing up the database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are able to provide a large discount to discount for Oracle. Directly accessing the database by any other application violates that license. You will be required to buy a license for full price if you intend to do this. This is an option we support.

Essentially, if the database crashes - call us first! (Of course, this assumes you use our installer to install Oracle and only use our tools to manage the database.)

For our larger database OASIS database users, Oracle is an easy upgrade.

Microsoft SQL Server

We have had limited support for SQL Server for years now. However, we have now optimized OASIS to use SQL Server and will continue to patch OASIS to fully support SQL Server.

However, we WILL NOT SUPPORT the SQL Server database in any way. Essentially, if the database/server running SQL Server crashes - call your IT group/person responsible for SQL Server.

The reason we support SQL Server is that some larger groups already have enterprise application like OASIS. Additionally, they have IT personnel working for the company that are trained to support SQL Server with backup plans, hardware management, and other IT related tasks. It makes sense to support OASIS in that environment and not require their professional in house IT personnel to figure out how to manage yet another database.

WARNING: If you do not have a dedicated IT person on staff and a budget to replace that person(s) if they leave the company - DO NOT consider this option. If the server crashes and you do not have someone available to recover the database, then consider the OASIS database lost.

Note about the above warning: the person writing this is also the person that has had to talked to owners that did not listen to decisions about support and maintenance of equipment and databases. It is not a comfortable conversation talking to someone that knows they are about to lose their business due to a poor IT decision and the loss of the OASIS database. Please do not be next. Hire an IT pro - or do not consider this option.

Other Databases?

Before you ask, no. We do not support MySQL - don't ask! Every few years we try OASIS with MySQL and the performance is down right embarrassing! MySQL is a good database but does not fit well with how OASIS utilizes a database. You get what you pay for!

Decision Tree

Size of Database Average Log File Size Recommended
<= 500GB not significant SQL Anywhere
> 500GB
< 1TB
<1GB SQL Anywhere
> 500GB >1GB Consider Oracle
> 1TB
< 1.5TB 
<1GB Consider Oracle
> 1.5TB not significant Plan to upgrade to Oracle or Archive
> 2TB   Must upgrade to Oracle or Archive