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Setting up and Using Dynamic P…
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Setting up and Using Dynamic Pricing

***If you are a Hubbell Agent, stop now.  Please use the instructions on this link.  
***(Note: you will need to login to see the information)


OASIS dynamic pricing allows manufacturers to share pricing updates with sales agencies - in near real time.  


How it works

OASIS is provided a connection to a remote database where the manufacturer manages their pricing information. As OASIS users key catalog numbers for the manufacturer, OASIS automatically downloads the item and related pricing information from the remote database.

Additionally, each price is given an expiration date. Once the expiration date passes, OASIS will refresh pricing information from the remote database.

No download is required - just use OASIS pricing lookup, catalog drop downs and other pricing features as you would normally!


To setup dynamic pricing, you must first be invited by the manufacturer. They will send you a "URL" - basically a website address in an email. Go to the manufacturer's entry in OASIS and select the Specialization entry "OASIS Dynamic":

When the configuration screen appears, paste the URL from the manufacturer in the area shown. (Your OASIS license information is used for security. The identity information is not used at this time, but may be used later if you have multiple territories for the manufacturer.)

Next, click on "Map Brands" - THIS STEP IS REQUIRED!

Press "Add Brand". In the popup, select one or more of the manufacturer's brands to map to this entry in OASIS. It is also possible to setup one manufacturer entry in OASIS for each brand the manufacturer markets:

Press "Ok" and start using the pricing features in OASIS!


From a quote (works similarly in orders, price lookup and other pricing features in OASIS), just start keying a catalog number for the brand. If OASIS finds the catalog number is not already in OASIS, or if the pricing is out of date, then you will see the following popup appear:

If the item is not already in OASIS, then the drop down will not show immediately, but should show shortly - just give it a minute or two (depending upon network and server speed).

As an added bonus, if you open an existing quote, you may see a few new colors:

  • RED: OASIS has a price for an item and the price is not out of date, but it is lower than the price that would be populated automatically in the quote. (QPath)
  • ORANGE: the price in OASIS is out of date - an attempt will be made to update the price. NOTE: the price on the quote will not auto update, just the price in the price list will be updated.
  • GREEN: OASIS has a price for the item and is up-to-date. Additionally, the price on the quote is equal to or above the default sell price for the item (the QPath price).
  • If no price list is active, or if no end date is setup for the price, then the price will appear as black on a white background.