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Pacific Lighting Systems
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Pacific Lighting Systems


Pacific Lighting Systems has these customizations:

Year-to-Date Recap Report - needs to be written
Project Folder Location - needs to be written

Manufacturer Contact Listing

This feature is based on a batch job process.  Once a day, the entries of all active manufacturers are processed.  The content of the contacts of those manufacturers is written to a file named MFG_CONTACTS_LISTING.xlsx.

File Location

The location of the file is set using the PLS menu option under the OASIS Manufacturer Listing window.  Choose the Set MFG Contact Listing File Location menu option...

Select a directory to be the destination of the MFG_CONTACTS_LISTING.xlsx file...


File Content

MFG_CONTACTS_LISTING.xlsx contains a row of information for each contact

It is based on the content in OASIS defined for contacts listed for an OASIS manufacturer under the Contacts tab...


If the MFG_CONTACTS_LISTING.xlsx file does not appear to be updating daily, check the batch job in OASIS to see if there is an issue.  Go to Configuration->Software and then choose the menu option at the top of the page, Tools.  Select Batch Jobs from the menu options.

Find the entry named PLS-MFG_CONTACTS

Double click on the entry to open up a window to show the Setup and History of the Batch Job.