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Linking to OASIS Transactions on the Web


With O4, linking to OASIS transactions is pretty easy - it is just a URL. This article explains a few of the details to keep in mind.

URL Format






Ingen has many servers in several data centers AND we buy time from various cloud vendors. Today the web servers are all linked behind a server with the following format:

where the # is replaced by one of the servers. Over time, we will add dynamic DNS to allow companies to not need to know the underlying O4 web server.


Each company is given a code that links to the internal O4 database. The codes are unique and may change for security. Any integration with O4 should retain this flexibility.


Each transaction type (e.g. an order) has a default landing "page" that is similar to the GUI "general" tab for the transaction. However, it is possible to land on the attachments page for an order by simply identifying the sub page ID that appears in the browser when viewing that page. If the sub_page and trailing colon are omitted, the default page for the transaction is shown.


The transaction type - too many to list, but common transaction types include:

  • quote - links to the related quote or project. If a project, the related quote is referenced.
  • po - links to the related order - resell, commissioned or other order type.
  • invoice - links to the related invoice - resell (buy or sell), commissioned or other invoice type.


Nearly 20 years ago, OASIS was designed to operation across multiple offices with independent databases. For this reason, each OASIS transaction must be identified not only by the base transaction ID, but also the database ID.


Each transaction is given a unique transaction ID. However, that transaction ID is unique only within the database where it was created. For this reason, anyone linking to an O4 transaction must provide both the DBID and the transaction ID.


This URL will link to a general test database we use for testing. The transaction is a project and a single quote in the project is specified.

However, the sub_page is used to over-ride and show the project sales view - a stripped down view of the project omitting many of the tabs and features quoters like - the same features that make projects confusing to others.


Oh - works on a mobile device as well:


Currently, the O4 servers will allow http access - but this is only recommended for testing only. (Writing JSON connectivity is sometimes made easier if secure sockets are not used.) Please always start a URL with https. At some point in the future, the O4 server will force a re-direct to the related https URL.

Linking to a page REQUIRES a login for O4. This is true for both O4 users and their customers. This allows you to secure your data and allows us to collect access logs.

If we haven't said it before, take this next comment very seriously: set a good password in OASIS. We encrypt the password in your DB.

Future note: we already track the devices you login to within your database. In the future, any new login will result in an email (or a text if you opt for the 2 factor authentication) anytime you login using a new device or from an IP address we haven't seen before. Expect this update sometime in 2019.