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Resolving issues caused by win…
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Last modified on 12/14/2018 10:12 AM by User.

Resolving issues caused by windows updates

Step one: Go to my computer/This PC.

Step two: right click on C:\ OS drive

Step three: select properties

Step four: click on the security tab

Step five: click advanced

Step six: select change ownership at the top

Step Seven: click advanced

Step eight: click on find now

Step nine: select administrator(S) then click ok

Step Ten: Click ok again

Step eleven: check box on top "replace owner on subcontainers and objects:"

Step twelve: click on APPLY on bottom and OK

Step Thirteen: close out of all tab so that you can restart you computer.

Step Fourteen: Follow steps one through five to go back to security tab>advanced and make sure the ADMINISTRATORS in the list have FULL CONTROL

Alternate step if the above does not work: open windows defender>virus and protection settings>scroll down to folder control access and turn OFF and leave OFF.