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Win / Loss Tile


Running a "Customer Success" report (otherwise known as the OASIS win / loss report) used to be something that happened once a quarter / year for many of our customers. With the Win / Loss tile, you are able to keep up with the overall hit rate for the company, a single customer or other criteria. Including is a "trending" arrow showing if the rate is increasing or decreasing over last year.


  • Tile's Display Name - Title to show in the actual tile
  • Tile location - Which application to show the tile in (just use "Home" for now)
  • Who Should See This Tile - skip if creating for yourself
    • Users - One tile is refreshed and made visible by the selected OASIS users
    • Exclude Author - check if creating a tile for someone else
  • Calculation Details
    • Offset Months - the approximate number of months it takes to close a quote. Does not need to be exact, but 3 months is a good starting number.
    • Use Original Bid Date - If not checked, the date of the quote in the report is on the active bid of the phase. Otherwise, it is the first bid date on any of the bids in a phase.
    • Quote Level - Sell, Level1, Level2, Level 3 based on how you quote
    • Min Value - minimum quote value based on the above level selection
    • Max Value - maximum quote value based on the above level selection
    • Additional Filters - click to select quotes based on the following:
      • General
        • Quoter - assigns job quoter
        • CSR - assigned job CSR
        • Customer Assigned To - If the customer is assigned to a given sales account
        • Contractor Assigned To - if the contractor (2'nd customer level) is assigned to a given sales account
        • Workgroup - workgroup the project is assigned to
      • Parties
        • Manufacturer - if the manufacturer is on the quote (does not affect quote value - full quote value is shown)
        • Parent Manufacturer - select the parent brand for all related brands (full quote value is shown)
        • Customer - if the customer is on the job
        • Parent customer - if the parent or any of the branches are on the job
        • Representative - If the representative is on the job

And don't forget to select "Save and Close" - to save and start the tile.


The win/loss report will update once per week based on the settings. Shown in the tile or detail page will be the "snap shot" of the win/loss report at the time the tile last updated.

Tile View

The tile view shows the following:

  • Date last updated
  • Win percentage with a trending arrow (up/down)  and the count
  • Loss percentage with a trending arrow (up/down) and the count
  • The total jobs with a trending arrow and the count
  • Shows whether based on original bid date or current bid date
  • Shows the date range for "this year" *

* "This year" always ends N months ago where N is the offset months used during setup. The start of the year is 12 months prior. "Last Year" is the 12 month prior to the date of "This year". The result is a rolling date used in the computation.


Detail Page

Clicking on the tile will show the detail page.

The detail page is divided into an overview at the top, win/loss status in the middle and a number data groups that may be expanded by clicking on them.


The overview contains three rows of information: win, loss and all. All is the combination of all the quotes matching the tile criteria. Each row has the following columns:

  • Sell - total sell based on the selected column in the setup
  • % of Sell - the hit rate based on sell
  • Sell Trend - the trend based on sell
  • Count - the number of jobs
  • % of count - the percent of jobs based on count
  • Count Trend - the trend based on count

Win / Loss Status

Based on the matching quotes, data is collected for the following rows. Note that the columns show the total count, percentage based on count and total sell.

  • Ignore - quotes in a status that is ignored - like abandoned (see the quote status setup)
  • Unknown - quotes setup in a status that is unknown - like quoted
  • Lost - quotes in a lost status
  • Won - quotes in a winning status - like ordered (see the quote status setup)

The values are followed by a pie chart based on count.

Data Groups

The data groups divide the quotes based on different variables:

  • Vertical Market - as selected on the general tab of the project
  • Sales Accounts - as selected on the general tab of the project
  • Quoter - quoter assigned to the job
  • Workgroup - the workgroup the quote is assigned to 
  • Top 10 Customers - the top 10 customers based on count
  • Top 100 Specifiers - the top 100 specifiers based on count
  • Top 10 Quotes - the top 10 quotes based on value
  • Help - help information