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Tiles»Bid Board Tile
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Bid Board Tile


The bid board tile is linked to the "bid board" feature in projects allowing a quoter, sales person or owner to see "the bid board" items pertaining to their visibility of the business. That is a quoter can setup a bid board tile to only view his/her jobs and not be bothered with the jobs others are working on.


  • Tile's Display Name - Title to show in the actual tile
  • Tile location - Which application to show the tile in (just use "Home" for now)
  • Who Should See This Tile - skip if creating for yourself
    • Users - One tile is refreshed and made visible by the selected OASIS users
    • Exclude Author - check if creating a tile for someone else
  • Calculation Details
    • Filters - skip if you would like to see the entire bid board
      • CSR - restrict to quotes assigned to a CSR selected in the quote
      • Sales Account - restrict to quotes where the assigned sales account is on the general tab of the quote
      • Quoter - restrict to quotes assigned to a Quoter selected in the quote
      • Workgroup - restrict to quotes assigned to the selected workgroup

And don't forget to select "Save and Close" - to save and start the tile.


The bid board tile will refresh every 15 minutes. Shown in the tile or detail page will be the "snap shot" of the bid board at the time the tile last updated.

Tile View

The tile view only shows the number of bids on the bid board with the total sell price (and earnings) based on the sell column on the quote.

Detail Page

Clicking on the tile will show the detail page.

Each project on the bid board will show with the following information:

  • The project name shows in the title of the project card.
  • The project rank color shows to the left of the card.
  • The default image shows in the example. To change the image, add a photo attachment to the project. The JPEG (Photo.jpg), PNG (Photo.png) and other internet picture formats are supported. Great way to communicate the project visually.
  • Location - city state (Provence).
  • Vertical Market - as selected in the project.
  • Bid Date - bid date of the active bid in the phase.
  • Quoter: Quoter assigned to the bid
  • Quote Number: Base OASIS quote number
  • Sell: sell column value of the project

Clicking on the project will open the O4 "project sales view".