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JSON - The preferred integration API

We know there are OASIS users that have integrated reporting and cloud services with OASIS. One important detail, though: Officially, that can't be supported and violates license agreements. Say what!?

Unfortunately, that's true.

One thing about the Internet: the database vendors have realized they are the real power behind the Internet. When we first offered the OASIS Customer Portal, we could license and resell the portal with a database cost of $1500 for a server DB license. That same cost 10 years later? $10,000! What about today? Well, depending upon database engine, a basic server used by most of our clients would cost - just for database licenses - well over $100,000 USD. 

(I'm sure we will get a nasty email from some developer out there that will say that "free database X" is "all that" and, well, "free". To that I ask: ever had the owner of a multi-million dollar sales agency screaming at you on Monday morning that their database is down? Something about losing "tens of thousands of dollars an hour" gets these folks a little excited! Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.)

Well, we have some good news for our customers (and some bad news for us): we are already purchasing "per core" database licenses from various database vendors. This is required as OASIS O4 can not be licensed entirely under the named user concept. (Did we forget to mention that the DB license that was paid when you purchased OASIS is null and void for your mobile devices, websites and JSON integration?)

So here are some ground rules:

  • Officially connecting to the OASIS database with an application that is not OASIS violates license agreements
  • (By the way, we have had users crash their OASIS database this way - it happens, but that is another story...)
  • Using the "Quick Server" test in OASIS also violates the same license agreements when used for PRODUCTION work. (Depending upon how it is used, buying an extra OASIS named user may comply with licensing - but we need to verify with our non database vendors as well.)
  • The only "official" way to integrate with OASIS is the following:
    • Create a report that is run within OASIS, writing data that is loaded into another system - this does require a user license.
    • Have Ingen Software create custom code to integrate with the other data system.
    • Use OASIS O4 cloud servers and JSON - may require a CPU load agreement if we notice.

So what is JSON and how do I use it? Well, don't call us - we don't teach programming. However, if you do have a programmer that wants to give it a go, then send them the link below. Just be careful: you will have to give this developer a login to your O4 Cloud database, which will grant them access to ALL your information in OASIS!