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Placing an XML Form in a Saved…
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Last modified on 4/15/2009 8:20 AM by User.


Placing an XML Form in a Saved Report

To to put an XML in a report you will need the following:

  • The custom XML from Ingen Software, Inc.
  • Administrative rights to Reports

If you want a report change but do not wish to replace an existing one. You can create a report in OASIS, save it, and install the XML to the individual report itself.

First, you will need to set up the report that you will be running the new XML from. For this example, we will use the PO Listing report. After configuring the report with all of the specifications we need it to run by (which can also be edited later), we give the report a name and click “Save Report.”

We can then go to the “Reports” section in OASIS and see the saved report in the listing.

Now double-click on your report to open it and go to the attachments tab. This is where you will drop your XML file. This process is the same as dropping an XML into the workgroup. The only difference will be if you have saved your report to the desktop. OASIS will not let you minimize it while the report window is opened. So you will need to open up “My Computer” and hit the following icon:

to go up one level (or navigate to the desktop in any way). You will then be looking at the icons on your desktop. Drag the XML from here into the attachments tab of the report.

Click “Ok” in the report window to complete the installation!