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Embedding the OASIS Customer Portal

In the past, the OASIS customer portal was an add-on license that required a user to setup a server to serve the portal site. This was problematic for a number of reasons. Today, the customer portal is a service added to the O4 cloud only.

But how do you integrate the O4 customer portal in your marketing website?

Easy: <EMBED> it!

Over the years we have customized the customer portal for a number of agencies and the result is a snapshot in time and costly to maintain. (Costly in that it was never really maintained.) O4 will be updated regularly and automatically.

Here is the magic for your website guru:

<embed src="" style="width: 800px; height:500px">

Just swap the src= value for the URL you use when logging into OASIS O4.

What about the login screen? Again, a decent web site guru will want to have the form tags used when logging into O4:

  • TF_EMAIL - email address
  • TF_Password - password
  • TF_Action - set to "Login"

With the assumption that most companies will want to rebrand OASIS O4 Customer Portal, we will keep the format fairly basic and allow some CSS overrides through the OASIS configuration - more on that later.

Here is a quick example (courtesy of a Microsoft Word template):